Do you Really need an Electric Smoker?

Electric Smokers are the latest technology for smoke meat lovers, The traditional method requires the burning of wood, charcoal or gas which causes the environment to be degraded.

The harmful emissions from the traditional ways not only causes the flavour of the meat to deteriorate but further adds on to the harm being done to the atmosphere. I’d personally prefer a good pellet smoker over an electric smoker any day of the week.

Electric smokers, on the other hand utilise energy and do not have any harmful emissions. Electric smokers are basically like refrigerator, the temperature is maintained inside the cabinet where the meat is present and it causes to meat to smoke accordingly.

The temperature does vary from one electric smoker to another although the temperature is way higher and controllable than with the traditional methods. Usually the temperature in electric smoker goes upto 250 Degree F which serves best for smoking fish or jerky.

Traditional methods do take lesser time than electric smokers to reach the temperature but then there isn’t a method to actually maintain the temperature with the traditional methods.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

Now onto the main point of cooking.. the flavour. Smoking with the traditional methods causes the meat to burn and lose its original flavour but this is not a problem with the electric smokers as the wooden chips called pucks which are used to generate the smoke don’t cause any blackening and thus the original flavour is still present.

Furthermore, the pucks used in electric smokers are also available in different flavours which leave the flavour on the meat and add to the original flavour.

Popular companies like Bradley smokers or Masterbuilt smokers are best for any level of user. Despite being a bit complex, the instruction manual makes it very easy for anybody to learn their way around the smokers.

The only major difference in smoker mostly is the number of racks in the cabinet which accounts for the amount of meat which you can smoke in one instance. If you happen to be one for hosting the thanksgiving parties and other events around the year, you should definitely go for the 6-rack version of smokers which is very spacious and does not require you to smoke each meat one by one.

Smokers are available in different varieties namely offset, electric, propane, gravity feed, ceramic, vertical charcoal and pellet smokers.

Each of these has their own use and is for a certain type of flavour and meat which makes it rather confusing for anyone looking to buy, so the electric smokers come out on top yet again as they are not limited to any type of meat.

The usual time required for smoking meat is also decreased by aa significant amount bringing it down to a couple of hours for a good chunk of meat.

Also, incase you are wondering if you can cook a big fat turkey in an electric smoker, do not worry because in most of the smokers the racks are removable therefore making enough space for the turkey to fit in and get smoked.

Also, popular beliefs that the smokers may catch on rust or degrade in quality have also been proven to be wrong as these smokers do not catch on rust and prove to get better in quality once used regularly.

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